Zravian Terms of Service

This stuff is important, so read it carefully!

These terms are written as simply as we can manage. If you have any questions or concerns, you are more than welcome to ask us about them.

By playing, you agree to everything written here.

By creating an account and playing on Zravian, you agree to these terms of service. They are subject to change without notice, so please check back on them every now and then.

Admins are people too.

The administration team (admins and multi-hunters) are responsible for making the game run properly and providing an enjoyable gameplay experience for players. Team members may take administrative or punitive action at their discretion, without warning and for any reason. Players are obligated to respect and follow administrative decisions. They must treat each-other and the administrators with civility. Players who treat each-other or the administration team with hostility or disrespect will not be tolerated.

There is no guarantee that contact with admins will always be possible. This particularly applies to messages written in languages other than English, messages sent more than once, messages not providing enough information, messages with demands, etc. Avoiding making those mistakes makes it more likely an admin will respond to your request.

One account per player allowed.

Using an account means logging into it with its username and password. Using more than one account can provide an unfair advantage, which is the primary reason we do not allow it. Any player logging into more than one account at any time will be reprimanded.

There are certain exceptions to this rule, however. If there are more players playing from the same household or computer, it is advisable to notify the admins. The same applies to accounts that have been abandoned to start anew; creating a new account is only acceptable if you first delete the old one.

Play fair, and do not abuse bugs.

As much as we pride ourselves for providing a bug-free service, some of them will unfortunately make it through the cracks.

If you encounter a bug, please notify the administrative team. Do not intentionally abuse bugs. Players abusing bugs to gain an advantage may be warned, penalised or banned at the administrative team’s discretion.

Scripts, macros, bots, or other forms of automated play are not permitted.

Editing client-side code is not strictly forbidden (we have no way of knowing, after all). That said, any user doing so shall be held responsible and accountable to the extent of the damage incurred by doing so. What that means is, for example, that there will be no refunds for invalid PayPal form submissions.

The Community comes first.

Zravian is a community with hundreds of players, who all expect and deserve an enjoyable gameplay experience. We will take action at our discretion to provide that experience.

We will not tolerate:

This is not an exhaustive list, and we will take action at our discretion as situations arise.

Common complaints which are not against the rules:

Gold is not like collectible cards.

We do not allow transfers of it between accounts within the same round without a (good) reason. It also means you can't trade it for anything other than what it is intended for. Any transfers of gold are entirely at our discretion.

Purchases are final and not refundable. We guarantee you will receive the Gold you paid for to the account you specified, provided you followed our purchasing instructions. We do not guarantee it will stay on our server forever and under all circumstances.

Please note that we do not maintain data from old servers. If you buy gold on a server, and do not transfer it over to an account when that server ends and restarts, you will lose that gold after the end of the new round. To keep gold in rounds where you are not participating, please create a holding account, transfer your gold across to that account, and then transfer it again for each new round.

When you delete an account, all gold associated with that account is deleted and cannot be recovered. If you do not want to lose the gold on your account but wish to delete your account, contact the MH. Any transfers will be entirely at our discretion and we do not accept 'I don't want my villages being farmed' as a valid reason to transfer your gold and delete your account.

Last but not least: have fun!

Last edited: 19 February 2019